Buying A Used Car, Part Two: Retailers And Private Sellers

Buying a Used Car, Part Two: Retailers and Private Sellers

I Need a New Car But Can’t Afford to Buy New.

In part one of this series, you learned a car is considered “used” the moment it is registered in an owner’s name. This could mean it has very few or very many miles on it. You may have also been surprised to learn in the first part of this series that used cars are more profitable to dealers than new vehicles, making the used car selling business very competitive.

What this means for the consumer is that they have to be smart when buying a used car. Here are two more sources for used cars and the facts you need to know about each.

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Buying A Used Car, Part One: Dealerships

Buying a Used Car, Part One: Dealerships

I Need a New Car But Can’t Afford to Buy New.

No matter how much you love your car, and no matter well you take care of it, at some point, the odds are good you will have to make a difficult choice: Do you keep putting money into an aging vehicle or bite the financial bullet and replace it?

Have you considered refinancing your used car to free up some much needed cash?

If you need a new car but can’t afford to buy new, don’t despair: There are countless options for buying a used car and financing the purchase with a used car loan, and few would disagree that used cars typically represent a much better value. Let’s take a closer look at the process of buying and financing a used car.

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Save $100 A Month On Your Auto Refinance Loan Just Like Jerry

Save $100 a Month on Your Auto Refinance Loan Just Like Jerry

 Spotlight on a Real IFS Auto Refinance Customer

Would you like to save $100 each month on your car payment? That’s how much money Jerry from Acworth, Georgia, is saving, and it all started with one decision – deciding to trust Innovative Funding Services (IFS) with the refinance of this truck.
Even though he says he is struggling to rebuild his credit, an obstacle many of our customers face when shopping for a better car loan, Jerry’s APR dropped from 21.5 percent to 6.75 percent with his new loan.
The decision to use IFS’s loan services is now saving Jerry thousands of dollars on his auto loan while improving his loan terms, and he plans to use his savings to improve his financial situation over the next five years.
Are you like Jerry? You can be! Read more about what Jerry himself has to say about working with IFS to reduce his monthy car payment.
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