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Calculate Car Loan Monthly Payments

Use the auto loan calculator below to estimate your monthly car loan payments. Adjust the loan term length, interest rate, and loan amount to estimate your monthly car payments.

Auto Loan Calculator

Car Loan Amount $
Sales Tax %
Service Contract
Annual Percentage Rate %
Term of Car Loan
Total Loan Amount $
Monthly Payment $



Considering Refinancing Your Auto Loan?

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Real Customer Stories

Our customers just can’t stop talking about the money they are saving as a result of using our services.
Have a look at some of the reviews from a few of our many happy customers.

$200/Month Saved

“I really appreciate the help I received from Joshua N. during the loan process!! With his help, I was able to refinance TWO car loans and save over $200 per month in interest!!

THANK YOU JOSH!!!!” – Sam J.

Reduced Interest Rates

“Before the refinance, the payments were $426.48 a month. Now they are $326.00 month…Unbelievable interest rate of 21.5 percent, but IFS dropped it to 6.75 percent. A real pleasure, thank you!” – Jerry A.

Great Service

“From the time we discussed what I was looking for, Tina had me approved within a couple hours…The entire process was fast, efficient, professional, and very easy. We did everything online and by phone…” – Terri J.

You Can Trust IFS

Don’t settle for just any car loan. Trust IFS to personally match you with auto financing through one of our lenders. 

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