How IFS Helps You Purchase Your New Car

Innovative Funding Services (IFS) facilitates the AVIS Car Sales program. We specialize in making the vehicle purchasing process simple and low stress for customers.

We will serve you throughout the entire AVIS vehicle purchase process from identifying the AVIS vehicle you would like to test drive, to finding financing that works for you from one of our 25+ national lenders, to handling the title transfer on your vehicle. Here are some of the ways we make the purchase process easy…

  • You test drive the exact vehicle you pick out. Our highly trained program representatives will work with you to find the AVIS vehicle that you want to test drive and work with you to schedule your “Ultimate Test Drive.”
  • We coordinate the purchase process. Once you have had a chance to test drive your vehicle, your dedicated IFS Finance Advisor will contact you to see if you would like to purchase the vehicle. If you would, we will walk you through the purchase process.
  • We find financing that fits your needs. Your Finance Advisor will work with our network of 25+ national lenders to find auto loans with competitive rates that meet your needs.
  • You can complete your paperwork from home or from the office. We prepare all the paperwork and send it to you with easy-to-follow instructions via email or FedEx. Then, you simply complete it and send it back with the provided, prepaid FedEx label.
  • We reduce or eliminate trips to the DMV when purchasing your vehicle. Our title department will make sure that your vehicle’s title is transferred properly. Our title perfection processes and state licenses enable us to reduce or eliminate trips to the department of motor vehicles on your part.

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Why Finance Through IFS Instead of Your Current Bank or Credit Union

  • IFS has financing solutions for a range of financial needs. We have 25+ national lenders that can handle widely varying credit situations. We regularly find financing for customers whose own banks or credit unions decline their applications.
  • Many lenders are unable to complete this type of transaction. Most banks and credit unions will tell over the phone that they can help you with this transaction, but when they are presented with the finer details of the deal, many have to say “No.” Here’s why:  The car you are looking at may be registered and titled in another state. Many lenders are not equipped to complete this type of title work or change state registrations. IFS has the licenses and expertise to complete your title work properly.
  • With IFS, you can complete your paperwork from home or from the office. As described above, we prepare and send you all of the paperwork with easy-to-follow instructions. You simply complete it and send it back with the provided, prepaid FedEx label. Additionally, our process usually requires no trips to the DMV on your part for title or registration, something most banks and credit unions cannot offer.
  • Outside lenders commonly provide payment in a form that we are unable to accept in the AVIS Car Sales program. If you choose to go with an outside lender, you will need to make sure that they can send funds in an acceptable form. We are unable to accept payment through any form of draft or any form of payment that requires title perfection within 90 days in this program.

Save yourself time and money. Let us do all of the work for you.

Who We Are

IFS facilitates and provides financing options for fleet vehicle purchases, leased vehicle purchases, company car purchases, auto loan refinancing, and more.

IFS was founded in Austin, Texas in 2007 to serve those looking to purchase company fleet vehicles. From the beginning, we focused on providing customers a full spectrum of financing options and simplifying the purchase process so it could be done from home. While we have since expanded to other forms of auto finance, we have continued to refine our customer-focused model, allowing us to make your vehicle financing process simple and straightforward.

Our goal is always to exceed your expectations when purchasing your next vehicle. We look forward to serving you.

Benefits of the AVIS Car Sales Program

The AVIS Car Sales program is a no-hassle way to purchase a low mileage used vehicle for a great price. Here are the top reasons to choose AVIS Car Sales:

  • Big Savings – All vehicles in the program are well-maintained, recent model year vehicles with purchase prices below what you are likely to find elsewhere.
  • “The Ultimate Test Drive” – With the AVIS “Ultimate Test Drive,” you get to test drive the exact car you are considering. Your personal IFS Finance Advisor will contact you once you have driven the vehicle to see if you would like to purchase it. If so, then you do not even have to return the vehicle to the AVIS location. You can drive it home and work with your Finance Advisor to purchase the vehicle.
  • Low-Stress Sales – When you purchase from AVIS, you will never face an aggressive sales pitch or a high-stress negotiation.
  • Competitive Financing Options – Your Finance Advisor will help you find financing options that work for you from our network of 25+ national lenders. Your Finance Advisor will personally submit your application to only those lenders that may be a good fit for you.
  • Quick and Easy Paperwork – IFS will prepare all of the paperwork and send it to you with easy-to-follow instructions to complete it, which usually takes only 10 minutes. Then, you simply send it back with the provided FedEx label.
  • Professional Title Transfer – When you finance through IFS, our titling specialists will ensure that your vehicle’s title is transferred properly with minimal effort on your part.

AVIS Vehicles in the Program

AVIS is continually removing recent model year vehicles from its rental car fleet to make room for new rental cars it purchases. It then offers these low mileage, used vehicles to the public through the AVIS Car Sales program.

For anyone in the market for a low price but well-maintained used car, the AVIS Car Sales program is the go-to option. All vehicles in the program come with their original factory warranty1 plus…

  • 6 Month/6,000 Mile Warranty
  • Rental Car Coverage
  • Towing Coverage
  • Travel Breakdown Coverage
  • 24 Hour Roadside Assistance
  • Eligibility for a Vehicle Service Contract

Additionally, all vehicles in the program have been maintained following a rigorous preventative maintenance schedule. You can download the maintenance schedule here.

1. Speak with your IFS Finance Advisor regarding the coverage that is transferable on the vehicle you are looking to purchase. 

What IFS Customers Are Saying

"I wish to compliment IFS on its professionalism, services offered, patience, responsiveness, technological saviness, expeditious manner in which the transaction was completed. I would also like to compliment, in particular, Harry C. for being super at his job. I've never re-financed a vehicle in the past and didn't know much about how to do it or the process. Harry was assigned my refinance and I couldn't have been happier and pleased. Thank you Harry!"
-M.M. on 7/5/2016, Better Business Bureau

"I used IFS to exercise a purchase option on a leased vehicle and Charles Cook at IFS was very help. They pulled a very good rate for me and drew up all the paperwork with very little effort on my end. Process was smooth and handled all the details with the old title owner (car manufacturer) and financier. Entire process was surprisingly straightforward and painless."
-Brad of Austin, TX on 8/24/14, LendingTree

"Can't say enough great things about my experience with Innovative Funding! From the time Tina called me and we discussed what I was looking for, she had me approved within a couple hours with the exact loan I was looking for, and a couple options to choose from. The entire process was fast, efficient, professional, and very easy. We did everything online and by phone, I never expected refinancing my car to be so painless and so fast! Would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a great quality experience in financing."
-Terri J. on Credit Karma