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7 Hidden Benefits Of Buying A Rental Car

7 Hidden Benefits of Buying a Rental Car

Buying a Rental Car Could Be the Answer to Your Used Car Needs

If you are in the market for a late-model used vehicle, your first instinct may be to sort through the offerings on national auto retail sites or walk the lots at your local dealerships. Both approaches will yield results, but there are other options available. Have you considered, for example, buying a rental car?

buying a rental car might be the answer to finding a used car

Off-rental units have a reputation for being uniformly run-down and abused, but the truth is that, in many cases, rental vehicles are a safer bet than many other car buying options.

Let’s take a look seven hidden benefits of buying a rental car:

  1. Regular Maintenance

The belief that all rental units have been run into the ground is, frankly, just a myth. Vehicles are maintained on a strict schedule in accordance with vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines. Unlike a used car that was owned by a private individual, you can be assured that off-rental cars have received oil changes on time and had the tires changed and rotated on schedule.

  1. Expert Service

Car rental companies follow vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines with repairs, as well. Repairs ordered by reputable rental car agencies are often performed by in-house mechanics and body shops or a network of trusted, certified shops. Rental car company operators  are also known to keep detailed service records of repairs made to the vehicle.

  1. The Kinks Are Worked Out

Many new vehicles require a “breaking-in” period characterized by stiff brakes and steering that diminishes as components are fully lubricated and loosened up. Most off-rental units have survived the breaking-in period and will likely drive the same way today that they will six months from now.

  1. Moderate Mileage

Rental cars rack up mileage faster than the average passenger vehicle, but don’t expect to find many units for sale with more than 30,000 miles on the odometer. By that point, at most rental agencies, those vehicles are nearing the end of their professional careers.

  1. Mostly Low-Stress Highway Miles

In most cases, the majority of the miles driven by renters are highway miles. The fewer bumpy roads and stop-and-go traffic situations, the less stress on the vehicle.

  1. choose from the Latest Models

Nobody wants to rent an old car, so agencies tend to cycle in new models within a year or so. Whether the car you’re renting is the current or prior model-year, despite the mileage, the styling and in-vehicle technology are among the latest and greatest on the market.

  1. Save money on Your next car

All the factors listed above translate to significant savings for those who purchase off-rental units. Buying a brand-new vehicle means suffering significant depreciation the moment you drive off the lot. You can get the same model in a former rental car for quite a bit less, which means you are buying it at, basically, the true value of what the car is worth today, not what it was worth when it rolled into the showroom.

Now that you know the benefits, how do you buy a rental car? Stay tuned for part two of this article series!

Jennifer Bonessi

Jennifer is a blogging mom of three who loves her dusty minivan. "Its the closest thing to a spaceship I'll ever drive!" She writes for IFS and a variety of other niche publications.

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