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Auto Industry Trends: A Woman’s Role

We are entering a new era in the U.S when it comes to consumerism, finances and a woman’s role within it all. The wage gap between genders is minimizing as the future of women’s earning potential is being discussed among celebrities and popular figures in the media.

Although women may still have a little way to go when it comes to salary equality, changes are already being seen drastically in the automotive industry.

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Ifs Headquarters Is Located In Austin, Tx

IFS Employee Spotlight: Amy Strain

Hanging Out with Amy Meet Amy, our lovely Innovative Funding Services (IFS) office administrator. Amy has been with IFS for almost four years, and has loved every moment of being a part of the family-driven work environment. As a graduate of the University of…

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IFS Employee Spotlight: Jeff Hazzard

Hanging out with Jeff

Introducing Jeff, joke-cracking, coffee-loving, and all around nice guy. Born and raised in Dallas, Jeff often feels the heat from his Austinte co-workers and friends, but Jeff is certain it’s because they are jealous of his metroplexian home turf.

You can find Jeff talking sports, playing a game of basketball, discussing politics, spending time with his wife and his best friend (his dog) and trying to get better at the mind game known as golf.

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