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IFS Partners With Local Non-Profits

National Auto Finance Company Partners with Local Non-Profits to Offer Financial Literacy Classes in Austin

National auto finance company Innovative Funding Services (IFS) has announced it will partner with the Financial Literacy Coalition of Central Texas (FLCCT) and the Junior Achievement of Central Texas (JA) to offer financial literacy classes in its community this fall.

“Our employees spend a lot of time educating clients about financial topics like how their credit works, for example. Working with programs like the Financial Literacy Coalition here in town enables IFS to not only better serve its customers, but also help people right where we live understand their financial situation,” said Rob McKie, IFS’ Chief Operating Officer.

financial literacy classes in austin through the JAIFS will focus on adult financial literacy education through FLCCT and on in-school, youth programs through JA.

Learn more about the Junior Achievement of Central Texas.

“We feel it is important to not only help people just like our current customers but also educate youth about their financial responsibilities before they have to face some of the challenges our customers face,” said Jennifer Bonessi, IFS Marketing Director.

The company will host teacher trainings for each organization at their Austin office in July. While the trainings are open to the public, IFS hopes to train several of its own staff members to volunteer teach classes for these organizations in the fall.

financial literacy classes in austin through the FLCCTAdditionally, IFS will partner with the FLCCT to host a course at it’s Austin office in September. The course is from the FDIC’s Money Smart curriculum and is called “To Your Credit.” The class will be free and open to the public.

Learn more about the Financial Literacy Coalition of Central Texas‘s credit education program.

“Having credit – the ability to borrow money – expands your options in life. Understanding how creditworthiness is determined means you can take steps to increase yours. It also helps you detect and counter identity theft, which is becoming increasingly common,” said FLCCT Vice President Lorraine Bier.

ASC Color Logo 250x109Innovative Funding Services also supports the American Solar Challenge, a collegiate level organization that hosts national competitions for innovative, solar car racing.

Innovative Funding Services was founded in 2007 as an automotive loan services company matching consumers with a full spectrum of credible finance sources. We are licensed as a registered lender with the Texas Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner, and all our lending partners are FDIC-insured financial institutions. Learn more about Innovative Funding Services (IFS).

Jennifer Bonessi

Jennifer is a blogging mom of three who loves her dusty minivan. "Its the closest thing to a spaceship I'll ever drive!" She writes for IFS and a variety of other niche publications.

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