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Save $100 A Month On Your Auto Refinance Loan Just Like Jerry

Save $100 a Month on Your Auto Refinance Loan Just Like Jerry

 Spotlight on a Real IFS Auto Refinance Customer

Would you like to save $100 each month on your car payment? That’s how much money Jerry from Acworth, Georgia, is saving, and it all started with one decision – deciding to trust Innovative Funding Services (IFS) with the refinance of this truck.

Even though he says he is struggling to rebuild his credit, an obstacle many of our customers face when shopping for a refinance car loan, Jerry’s APR dropped from 21.5 percent to 6.75 percent with his new loan.

The decision to use IFS’s loan services is now saving Jerry thousands of dollars on his auto loan while improving his loan terms, and he plans to use his savings to improve his financial situation over the next five years.

Are you like Jerry? You can be! Read more about what Jerry himself has to say about working with IFS to reduce his monthly car payment.


Jerry’s Case Study

A: What is your occupation?

J: Project Manager.

A: What is your biggest financial challenge?

J: Rebuilding my credit.

A: What is your financial goal for the next 12 months?

J: Possibly to refinance my motorcycle as well. It’s been great so far with my truck.

A: What is your financial goal in the next 5 years?

J: To have all my finances paid off at a lot better rate than what I had.

A: What is the make and model of the car that you financed with IFS?

J: It’s a 2012 Ram 1500 quad cab. Great truck!

A: What was your monthly payment before and after?

J: Before the refinance, the payments were $426.48 a month. Now they are $326.00 month. 

A: What was the final push that made you reach out to IFS for financing? 

J: Unbelievable interest rate of 21.5 percent, but IFS dropped it to 6.75 percent.

A: Who worked with you on this loan?

J: Geoffrey S., who was the most polite and professional man, and made my experience with IFS the most uncomplicated, fast and worry-free experience I ever had with a finance company. A real pleasure, thank you! 

A: How long did it take IFS to finance your car? 

J: Really less than a week.

A: What was the financing process like? 

J: It was the easiest I have ever had – a real pleasure. 

A: How much money did you end up saving by working with IFS?

J: A few thousand dollars over the life of the loan.

A: Did you change the length of your loan terms?

J: Yes, shorter terms as well as lower rates. 

A: Any tips you care to share with others about car financing?

J: I recommend that you do all your car finances here. Fast and friendly people!

We hope by sharing real stories like Jerry’s, you’ll see how IFS may be able to help you save money on your car every month.

Are you ready to refinance?


Alexandra Oliver

Alexandra works for IFS, loves her Toyota Yaris but dreams of driving a Tesla.

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