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Why Used Car Shoppers Need To Consider Buying A Fleet Vehicle

Why Used Car Shoppers Need to Consider Buying a Fleet Vehicle

Fleet Cars are an Excellent Option If You Plan To Buy Used – Here’s Why…

If you’re looking for a used car, you’ve likely come across some screaming deals on low-mileage, newer fleet vehicles, sometimes also known as “program cars.” Such cars are known as fleet vehicles and are owned by a business rather than by individuals. In many cases, fleet vehicles you will find for sale are former rental cars, but sometimes they come from government agencies, large companies or dealerships. These businesses and agencies turn their fleet vehicles loose when they hit a certain number of miles on the odometer, usually 30,000 miles or fewer.

Fleet vehicles are often bought in bulk for a good price – the car equivalent of shopping at Costco – and are available for resale. In many cases, you can buy a fleet vehicle secondhand through your employer.

Fleet of cars for sale

Is buying a Fleet Vehicle A better Buy than a Used Car?

Companies typically buy fleet vehicles for good prices and sell them only after they have been used. So, fleet vehicle resale prices are generally pretty low compared to new or non-fleet examples of the same car or truck. But is this a case of being too good to be true?

As with everything, it depends on the particular car, so a test drive is definitely in order. Still, fleet vehicles are usually maintained exactly on schedule, unlike privately owned cars. If the oil should have been changed every 5,000 miles, it will have been done right on time, not put off until someone found a free hour on a Saturday to deal with it.

One thing almost everyone is afraid of with fleet vehicles is how the car was treated. We’ve all either been or known the person who does irresponsible things in a rental car that we would never do in our own cars, right? Or we’ve at least heard the tale enough times to believe it’s true.

The thing is, those rental car agencies don’t make money or earn very good reputations if their cars are trashed. They have a huge interest in fixing and cleaning their fleet cars for the few years they have them. Government agencies and dealerships are no different; in order to keep the staff moving, they need those cars on the road, and letting them fall into disrepair does no one any favors.

The risk of former drivers abusing a fleet vehicle is really no different from the risk of a private owner trashing his own car. At least with a fleet vehicle, you can rest assured that the maintenance was performed on time. And depending on mileage, that vehicle may still be under the manufacturer’s original warranty.

To be absolutely certain that your good deal delivers thousands of miles and many years of happy driving, use the same due diligence on a fleet vehicle that you would for any used car. Get a CARFAX report for it and even take it to your mechanic for a quick check to make sure there’s nothing obvious and terrible going on under the hood.

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