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What to Keep in Mind during Your Car Lease

At Innovative Funding Services (IFS), we help people with auto lease purchases. We do not want you to be taken off guard by end of lease decisions, so we put together this section of our auto finance Library to help you prepare for the end of your lease.

Things to keep in mind during your car lease

Excess Mileage Fees

Wear and Tear Fees

You Have an End of Lease Purchase Option

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Are You Considering Buying Your Leased Car?

IFS Specializes In Leased Car Buyouts.

When you apply to buy out your lease vehicle with IFS, your dedicated Finance Advisor will search for an auto loan that meets your needs from our network of 25+ national lenders. We offer up to 100% finance for those with credit scores of 525-850.

Questions? Call 512-735-5839 or learn more.

General Auto Finance Education

This resource is for educational purposes only. Its content is designed to explain concepts, not to present exact definitions or to reflect how all financial institutions or auto companies conduct business. 

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