What you need to know about Innovative Funding Services’ auto loan process. 


Is this a hard inquiry on my credit report?

Yes. You are applying for an extension of credit for an automobile loan, so an inquiry from IFS and a separate inquiry from the lender will appear on your credit report. However, according to myFICO.com, “most Credit Scores are not affected by multiple inquiries from auto, mortgage or student loan lenders within a short period of time.” Credit inquiries like these are most often treated as a single inquiry, minimizing the impact to your credit score.

I have a low score, can I get refinanced?

We have lenders in our network that offer refinancing to individuals with a credit score as low as 575.  If you don’t know your score, we encourage you to pull your credit score annually for free. To determine your credit score, visit AnnualCreditReport.com. IFS uses Equifax to assess credit scores, but each of the lenders in our network has its own process, so it will not matter where you pull your report from.

Why is your credit score lower than what I show?

Different credit bureaus will pull different scores. Innovative Funding Services uses Equifax to evaluate your application. However, our lenders may use another reporting agency and have their own process and criteria for evaluating your credit. myFICO.com has valuable information about differing credit scores.


I have questions about the loan process.

I have questions about loan qualification.

I have questions about my vehicle.

I have questions about my current loan.

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Your Guide Through the Auto Loan Process

The auto loan process does not have to be overwhelming. Let IFS guide you through it, saving you time, money and stress. 

Access multiple lenders with one online application
Personal Finance Advisor to guide you
Competitive auto loan rates from respected lenders
Options for low to mid-range credit scores
Important document completion including titling
History of helping people like you save money
The Auto Loan Process Starts With Applying Online

Are you ready to begin the auto loan process? The first step is to apply online. 

What Our Customers Are Saying

"I wish to compliment IFS on its professionalism, services offered, patience, responsiveness, technological saviness, expeditious manner in which the transaction was completed. I would also like to compliment, in particular, Harry C. for being super at his job. I've never re-financed a vehicle in the past and didn't know much about how to do it or the process. Harry was assigned my refinance and I couldn't have been happier and pleased. Thank you Harry!"
-M.M. on 7/5/2016, Better Business Bureau

"I used IFS to exercise a purchase option on a leased vehicle and Charles Cook at IFS was very help. They pulled a very good rate for me and drew up all the paperwork with very little effort on my end. Process was smooth and handled all the details with the old title owner (car manufacturer) and financier. Entire process was surprisingly straightforward and painless."
-Brad of Austin, TX on 8/24/14, LendingTree

"Can't say enough great things about my experience with Innovative Funding! From the time Tina called me and we discussed what I was looking for, she had me approved within a couple hours with the exact loan I was looking for, and a couple options to choose from. The entire process was fast, efficient, professional, and very easy. We did everything online and by phone, I never expected refinancing my car to be so painless and so fast! Would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a great quality experience in financing."
-Terri J. on Credit Karma