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Partner with Innovative Funding Services

The Innovative Funding Services (IFS) Partner Program partners with a variety of financially-minded organizations to develop and provide its lenders access to a portfolio of qualified auto loan applicants that have been expertly pre-screened to fit specific lender requirements.

Opportunities to partner with IFS exist for both lenders and affiliate groups, alike.

A Simple Process: How It WORKs

Our goal is to not only provide car finance opportunities to a range of customers but also to provide a streamlined auto loan process that saves the customer money, time and stress.

  • Prospects find IFS through an affiliate partner channel or through our own lead generation efforts.
  • The prospective customers then completes a loan application online,
  • an in-house Finance Advisor personally obtains additional information from the applicant,
  • and then, the application is directed to a lender who can provide a decision.
  • If approved, IFS executes all necessary loan documents for the lender and customer – including titling!

BENEFITS Of Partnering with IFS

We recognize the unique value of each of our partnerships and, in turn, seek to mirror that value for our partners. IFS provides

  • A national platform with licenses in most states that is built to support the needs of large and small lenders.
  • The personal attention each applicant receives allows IFS to develop a full understanding of an individuals financial situation before expertly determining if they meet a lender’s requirements.
  • Exclusivity by routing applications to one lender at a time, and the submission process ends when the customer is approved.
  • Dedicated Finance Advisors to handle the application process and facilitate communication with the customer.
  • In-house Funding and Titling departments to execute all necessary loan documents.

IFS Headquarters in the Austin, Texas areaIFS Headquarters in the Austin, Texas Area




Let’s Talk Partnership

Interested in becoming a member of the IFS Partner Program? We’d love to hear how you think we can partner together! Complete either the brief lender or affiliate form below, and we’ll get in touch!

Lender Inquiry

If you are a lenders interested in partnering with IFS, please complete this form.

Affiliate Inquiry

If you are an affiliate group interested in partnering with IFS, please complete this form!
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