What you need to know about Innovative Funding Service’s auto loan process. 

Who is Innovative Funding Services?

Innovative Funding Services (IFS), based in Austin, Texas, was founded in 2007 as an automotive loan services company matching consumers with a full spectrum of credible finance sources. We specialize in auto refinancing, auto lease purchases, company car purchases, and more.

We are licensed as a registered lender with the Texas Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner, and all our lending partners are FDIC-insured financial institutions. Additionally, we are licensed in most states and are a member of the Better Business Bureau.


IFS Provides AUTO Loan Services

Since our inception, we have partnered with some of the most recognizable and respected auto manufacturers and financial lenders to provide our customers with a simple, reliable auto loan process.

We take care of the entire finance process, from matching you with one of our reputable lenders for a better loan to processing your title work. Learn more about the auto loan process here.

IFS was founded to serve people who want to buy company cars, also known as fleet vehicles. We were one of the first companies to serve the fleet buyout market, and we have been the leader in the fleet car financing field for years.

Now, IFS has expanded its loan services to refinance, lease purchase, and other areas of auto finance.

More Than an Auto Loan Company

While IFS is primarily an auto loan company that is committed to helping its customers improve their individual financial situations, we are also a family of employees investing in our community.

Offer auto loans to help our customers improve their financial situations
Accredited and highly ranked by the Better Business Bureau
Headquarters in Austin, TX with a location in Denver, CO
A family of employees committed to meeting your needs
Investing with time and money in an effort to better our community
Ifs Offers Car Loans To A Range Of Credit Scores

Are you ready to begin the auto loan process? The first step is to apply online. 

Want to Learn More about IFS?

Visit our FAQs and Car Finance Library. If you need to talk, contact us! We have Customer Service Representatives available six days a week They would be happy to personally address any questions or concerns you may have.