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Learn about auto refinance

At Innovative Funding Services (IFS), we specialize in refinancing cars. We believe we can best serve customers when they understand what it means to refinance a car. So, we put together this section of our auto finance Library as a resource for learning about auto refinance.

Refinancing a Car

How Does Car Refinancing Work?

When Should I Refinance My Car?

Selections from Our Blog

Does Refinancing a Car Hurt Your Credit?

INFOGRAPHIC: Do I Need a Refinance Car Loan Service?

Motorcycle Refinance: “Bob Harley” Case Study

Auto Loan Refinance Calculator

See how much you may be able to save with our auto refinance calculator.

Is Auto Loan Refinancing Right For You?

Refinancing May Help You Lower Your Interest Rate and Monthly Payment

IFS offers up to 100% financing for credit scores ranging from 525-800+.

Have questions before applying? Call 512-735-5839 or learn more here.

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